About Time!

It is about time that I have a chance to start this!  With my birthday coming in 9 days, election today and plans for a better future happening, I was beginning to worry if I would ever have a chance to start this. Are you happy?I do not feel so happy. I feel exhausted. I have an opportunity to change. A chance. School is kicking my ass, okay maybe I am not really paying that much attention to school and that is why it is kicking my ass. Let’s be honest here there is nothing that can stop you from reaching your full potential but you. To give up is to give in. I’m rambling on and on because I don’t have all my thoughts in order yet. I will eventually. I did not want to leave this blank anymore so here you go =) I enjoy gardening. It has become a small passion of mine.I’m naturally afraid of taking big leaps and making mistakes. I keep reading, reviewing and testing but I do not fully commit. Why can I not fully jump in?! This is something I will change eventually, count on it. Good night.